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We understand that your rental property (or properties) only provides income when you have a happy tenant in situ. So we'll work with you to ensure that all your electrical testing any other electrical works are completed on time, collecting keys and liaising with any management agencies where required.

There are regulations involved with gaining a landlord electrical safety certificate. We can help with periodic testing obligations and provide reminders so you don’t breach any laws. Further to this all certification will delivered to electronically withing hours of completing any work.

Electrical Installation Condition Reports – also known as EICRs, Periodic or Electrical Testing, or PITs – are a statutory requirement for landlords, letting agents or employers. This is an in-depth test of the entire electrical system to check it meets current regulations. After we have completed the test we will provide a detailed report, in plain English, highlighting any areas that may require further attention.

The frequency of electrical testing varies, depending on the environment.

From our experience of periodic testing in Norwich, most landlords and employers do not always meet the required frequency of testing. Most commonly, in Norfolk, many landlords are not aware that Electrical Condition Inspection Reports (EIRCs) need to be completed every time there is a change of tenancy.

PAT or Portable Appliance Testing in Norwich is a very competitive market. Our years of experience and hard work make our PAT testers the first choice for PAT testing in Norwich and Norfolk.

Portable Appliance Testing is the term used to describe the routine inspection of portable electrical appliances, to ensure they are safe for use. This applies to any electrical appliance which can, or is intended to, be moved whilst connected to an electrical supply.

PAT Testing Regulations apply to both landlords and employers, and the frequency of testing depends on the intended use of the appliances. To book an appointment or to find out more please call our friendly team.

The consumer unit or as it is commonly known, the fuse board or fuse box, is the brain of your electrical system.  It provides the protection you need from short circuits and overloading.  

Any newly installed consumer units need to comply with British Regulations and these are commonly referred to as 17th edition consumer units.  As we have a large number of NICEIC registered electricians locally we have considerable experience installing consumer units, or fuse boards if you prefer, in Norwich and Norfolk.

If you are unsure whether your property is up to current standards why not give us a call to carry out an Electrical Installation Condition Report.  We will provide a detailed condition report (in plain English) which will tell you whether any work needs to be done to bring your system up to date and in line with full regulatory compliance.

If you run an office or let property then you may have an obligation to install and maintain smoke or fire detectors as part of your health and safety commitments. There are several different options available to you, but we always recommend that you look to install a hard-wired system.

There are two distinct advantages: hard-wired smoke or fire detectors are wired so that, if one detector warns of smoke or fire, the others also go off. This way, all areas of the property are warned. The other nice feature is battery back-up. The detector runs on 125-volt power until the power goes out. Then the battery kicks in and keeps right on protecting you!

So, if you are based in Norwich and need to have your smoke or fire detectors tested, or replaced, then contact us to arrange a convenient appointment.